Investing (Stocks)

Podcast interview with Cold Brew Money

In this podcast, we go over the following: Deep Value vs. Quality GrowthFundamental Analysis for Growth Companies – customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, retention rates, founder-led, TwitterMental Models – Circle of…

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The Third Great Era of Software

Building software has become a lot easier with the software supply chain maturing. Companies are now able to take off-the-shelf building blocks and focus all their resources on developing their…
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Dollar General Business Breakdown

Dollar General is a well-managed company whose business model has shown to be resilient against economic downturns and the threat of e-commerce. In this COVID-19 environment, the company has delivered…
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Why I Own Disney Shares

The happiest place on earth. It is near impossible to replicate Disney’s share of mind even if you have all the money in the world. The Disney name is well-known to…
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Year 2020 In Perspective

Despite the backdrop of COVID-19, the year 2020 has been good to me. Writing online made me a better learner and allowed me to meet people smarter than me from…
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