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Like it or not, investing in stocks of great businesses is the best way to grow wealth.

You can ride on the coattails of remarkable entrepreneurs and incredible business – and then sit back and watch your wealth compound.

But let’s face it, the challenge with investing is that it’s almost like a full-time job.

In this age of information overload, market volatility, and conflicting advice, selecting the right businesses to invest in can feel overwhelming.

You might have bought a stock, convinced it would soar, only to watch its value plummet. Now you’re stuck, unsure of your next move.

Add to that the constant media chatter about economic doom and gloom…

And you might think it’s nearly impossible to grow your wealth in the stock market.

That’s when I realized…

Many investors I spoke with faced these challenges.. Can you relate to any of them?

🙁 You don’t understand your investments well enough. The market dips and suddenly you’re second-guessing your investments. Even worse, you panic-sell after a 30% drop.

🙁 You feel overwhelmed with information when researching a company. You’re swamped with data when researching a stock. It’s tough to separate the signal from the noise.

🙁 You don’t have enough time to analyze companies thoroughly. You’re passionate about investing, but life’s other demands—career, family, rest—leaving you stretched thin.

🙁 You don’t know how to determine the value of the business. You identified stocks you like to own but struggle with its valuation, leading you to overpay.

🙁 You struggle to find ideas of great stocks. There’s tens of thousands of stocks in the entire investing universe and you struggle to find great ideas.

If you want to make your money work hard while you sleep by investing in high-quality businesses...

Then the next 3 minutes will be an important read.

Because for a limited time, I’m opening up my complete stock research archive—insights that have enabled me to invest in and hold top-performing compounders, even amid market volatility.

Clay Finck

We Study Billionaires (TIP) Network

It's rare to find someone as smart and as knowledgeable as Thomas doing deep dive analysis on great companies. Thomas has a knack for sifting through all the information that's available and distilling it down into a piece that is easily digestible for readers, making his service an easy decision for me as an investor.

Eugene Ng

Vision Capital

Thomas’s deep dives indicate the amount of hard work he has done each time to clearly and concisely put together the most relevant information. Often bringing together a unique and logical perspective that drives each investment thesis, making it genuine, straight to the point and easy to read. His genuine and simple writing is what I love most.

Reggie Koh

The Financial Coconut Podcast

Thomas is one of most detailed analyst that you can actually understand! In an information market with one end filled with fluff by interenet gurus and the other by institutional analyst that speak alien only they understand, Thomas sits amongst a unique slither of independent analyst that you will find valuable to you. I have interviewed dozens of people in the space, it is not always about the most refreshing and highly acclaimed personalities, sometimes all you need is someone that has depth, you can trust and understand. I endorse Thomas chua!

My investing philosophy

It is my objective to invest in exceptional businesses led by trustworthy and skilled managers. My investment strategy focuses on stocks with long-term compounding potential. Like Warren Buffett, I believe there are few great investment opportunities in the world. When I find them, I aim to hold them unless market valuations become excessively high or the investment thesis falls apart.

Adhering to Buffett’s rule—’Don’t lose money’—I steer clear of stocks with shaky balance sheets, or are reliant on a handful of stakeholders. Instead, I target companies with robust cash flows, low debts, and diversified revenue streams.  Finally, I look for companies with a competitive edge that can sustain and grow their business over time.

Most people aren’t good investors because our primitive brain isn’t wired to buy during the stock market drawdowns. 

Our amygdala (the central portion of our brain) gets hijacked whenever it senses a threat. And it process drawdowns the same way we perceive a threat from an approaching lion—it makes us want to run.

And it certainly doesn’t help that we are constantly force fed by fearmongers and superficial analysis on social media.

But there’s a way to circumvent this, and that is to know what you own and get access to high-quality analysis. I invite you to watch this 60-seconds clip of my panel discussion to an audience of 600+ people on the rules I set in place to overcome this:

Dillon Jacobs

Since I’m based in the US, Thomas’ content gives me a window into the Asia Pacific markets I wouldn’t otherwise have. His coverage into US companies also provide unique insights that are eye-opening. Every piece is anchored by Thomas’ authentic voice which makes the deep dives very digestible. I’m glad I found him — his work has enhanced my knowledge of the world around me.


Thomas’ in-depth research reports give investors insights into high-quality compounders. We all have 24 hours a day but with Thomas’ in-depth research reports, we can “gain” more hours in a day and spend it on activities we value most. My interactions with Thomas show me that he is a genuine person who enjoys sharing his knowledge freely with others. That's a trait I admire in him. A subscriber would benefit from this since they know they are paying for a quality product.

Jeraldine Phneah

Subscribing to Steady Compounding's research report has been one of the best investments I've made this year. Time and attention are the most valuable currencies, and this research report offers great insights into businesses. Steady Compounding research report is always my first choice if I am looking for high signal, low noise investment research.


The Steady Compounding Insider Stocks

Investing shouldn’t be confusing or stress you out. Let me handle the heavy lifting—sifting through annual reports, trade journals, and earnings calls.

My goal is to help you sift through all the noise in the financial markets and deliver insights that would help you better navigate the stock market.

Once you become an insider, you’ll receive my exclusive research reports every two weeks that covers my investment research, market updates and my thoughts on valuation.

Why once every two weeks?

Because I hate wasting time.

One of my key writing principles is to ruthlessly protect your time by distilling only the key information that matters from  company filings and research papers on investing.

Every piece of report you receive should give you the highest return on time spent reading it. Each email that hits your inbox should let you learn something new about businesses, or introduce you with new ways of thinking about stocks. 

The last thing I want is to fill your inbox with insignificant commentaries on the financial markets and waste both of our time, attention, and energy.

Here's What You Get As a Member

➡️ 28 exclusive insider reports per year: This is a no BS report that covers stocks breakdowns, quarterly earnings insights, and market commentaries. This will be sent on the second and fourth Friday of every month.

➡️ Timely updates on important market events: Receive insights on monetary policies, regulatory shifts, and significant events impacting covered companies.

➡️ Access the entire archive of insider only reports: This archive has been built up since March 2021 and contains a treasure throve of business breakdowns and insights.

Unlike many of the analyst reports that flip flop as frequently as short-term price fluctuations or news cycles, we are anchored in a long-term, business owner mindset. Our focus is on investing in businesses that are steady compounders, growing our wealth over time.

Kelvin Seetoh

Thomas provides quality content with a unique perspective. This is different from most business analysts, who provide the same information without original insights. His research reports offer insights into a company's business model, strategy, competitive advantages, quality of management and more. If you want to save time on research work and gain valuable insights of companies, Steady Compounding offers you just that, all at a fair price.

Tapan Desai

Absolutely love the stock research reports from Thomas! His deep dives on Alibaba and Sea Limited are some of my favourites. I keep coming back to them as a benchmark for how my own research should be done. Thomas breaks down the business and the sector and explains the business value backed with charts and figures. I would highly recommend his stock reports!

Chew Bing Hong

Thomas opened my eyes to the world of compounding since he started Steady Compounding, and I have been hooked ever since. His deep dives are thoughtful, insightful, and relevant while providing useful resources that can be used by anyone. Worth every dollar! I’m glad I found him — his work has enhanced my knowledge of the world around me.

WHO Should Join This Membership?

✅ You are intrigued by great businesses: You want to gain unique insights into business analysis and develop the ability to identify the patterns and traits of successful businesses.

✅ You are short on time but you want to be an informed investor: You’re busy and don’t have the hours to research companies or follow quarterly reports. You’d appreciate concise, insightful reports.

✅ You aim to accumulate steady compounders in your portfolio: You want to compound your wealth in the stock market by having a collection of great businesses.

You value quality: You don’t want your inbox cluttered with subpar research. Instead, you seek well-researched, thoughtful analysis focused on select high-quality companies with long-term growth potential.

✅ You want analysis that cuts through all the noise and fearmongering in the financial markets. Pessimism captures eyeballs, and most research or writings seek to take advantage of this human nature.

But This Is Not For Everyone. Do Not Join If...

🚫 You are looking for quick returns: This service is geared towards long-term, sustainable wealth growth. If you’re looking for quick returns or a get-rich-quick scheme, this isn’t the place for you.

🚫 You are looking for financial advice: This service provides in-depth research and insights but should not be considered as personalized financial advice. I will disclose my position if I have one, it will be a disclosure and not a recommendation.

🚫 You require hand holding: My focus is on delivering top-notch research. Hang holding or one-on-one consultations take away my time from researching about businesses and would undermine the quality of insights I can provide to all members.

🚫 You are looking for macroeconomic calls or trading signals. My approach is bottom-up, focusing on individual businesses. I’m macro aware but I don’t make investment decisions based on macroeconomic forecasts or technical analysis.

🚫 You are looking for microcap ideas. I focus on businesses with an established and widening economic moat and do not cover microcap stocks. 

Rebacca Goh

Compliance Analyst

Thomas’s deep dive reports illustrate the quality of great businesses, not simply about the numbers. He shares his valuable perspective which come from hours of research, experience, and understanding in both US and China markets. He has admirable traits which seep into his articles, and this includes his thoughtfulness, and generosity to share. I would recommend to subscribe!

Titus Chng

Financial Consultant

I signed up for Steady Compounding membership because I wanted to add on to my investment knowledge. The idea of a monthly research report was simple and fuss-free. It fits into my hectic schedule perfectly. I could also feel your passion and authenticity in your work. I would go for quality over quantity any day. It takes time to deep dive into a company, so I respect the work you do. Finally, what stood out for me was your writing. It’s engaging and you made it as plain as you possibly could.

Arif Othman

Tax Manager

I’ve been a member for a while now and have derived a ton of value from it. Especially enjoy the deep dives, Thomas goes into comprehensive detail on the business, future outlook and valuations, which I believe is the way to conduct valuations properly, as compared purely considering the numbers and applying a statistically observed growth rate, or via comparing ratios with other competitors. Love it, and I will not hesitate to recommend!


Being a novice in the investment market, the research Thomas has put together made a lot of sense in a field full of questions for me. His work really helps you see through all the social media noise and the confusing news, putting you in the position to make an objective decision. Even more than his work, I appreciate his philosophy, focused on long term consistent growth.

Wilson Yap

I have been following Thomas for quite sometimes. His way of putting across stocks investment is always very clear and easily to understand. He is very generous in sharing what he has read and learn. When he started his 1st investment course, I didn't hesitate to sign up. I would said it help me to eliminate all the guessing work in my investment.

Tess Ang

Investing in the stock market while having a fulltime job has been overwhelming. But since subscribing to Thomas' research, I've gained confidence & clarity. The research are rich in insights and entertaining to read. It helps me stay grounded amidst the volatility and noise in the stock market. This newsletter is essential to anyone with a long-term view and seeks to build wealth.

Chris Carr

Very much appreciate the way you think about and evaluate investments. My biggest appreciation is your lack of hubris and recognition of confirmation bias. I (prior Air Force) liken this to taking pride in performing a go around rather then feeling the need to land out of every approach. It can be frustrating to spend weeks digging into a company only to discover a red flag late or decide it’s just too hard and set it aside. Choosing to perceive that time as value added learning something new rather than wasted is a rare gift.

Jennifer Wee

I signed up for Steady Compounding because I wanted to learn about investing from someone who has the experience, wisdom and skin in the game. Thomas had all that and more! I enjoy Thomas's clear, engaging and educational research reports and updates. His in-depth analysis of companies paired with his storytelling abilities makes reading about investing fun while educational. I highly recommend Steady Compounding to anyone who wants to compound not only their investment portfolio but also all aspects of life. Thank you, Thomas!

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Since starting the Insider Stocks in March 2021, I’ve built up a treasure throve of stocks research in the members archive.

As I build up on the library of research, the Insider Stocks membership have become increasingly valuable.

Once you become an Insider, you get:

> Exclusive stocks and markets insights to help you navigate the stock market

> Deep dives into high-quality stocks and their valuation so you can make informed investment decisions

> Access to previously published research that’ll get you up to speed on companies such as Meta, Alphabet, Alibaba, Crowdstrike, Airbnb, Nike and many more!

Being an Insider helps you waste less time going through all the company filings and get quality insights into stocks, so its perfect for investors who have limited time, or business enthusiasts who want to learn more about investing.

Considering that I spend more than 30 hours each week analyzing businesses and keeping up with market updates, I hope you can see how it might be valuable.

If you’d become an Insider now, you can access to my entire stocks research.


$ 25 Per Month
  • Exclusive insider stock reports
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  • Full archive of past research


$ 250 Per Year
  • Enjoy ALL the benefits of monthly subscription
  • Lock-in lifetime pricing
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Per month

Exclusive insider stock reports

Timely market & stock updates

Full archive of past
insider reports since 
March 2021





Per year

Enjoy ALL the benefits of
monthly subscription,

Lock-in lifetime pricing

Savings of
USD $50 per year 


The button above will take you to a check out page. After filling in your details, you’ll receive immediate access to a private membership area containing all the research reports.

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It should be pretty obvious if this resource is for you or not. If you see the benefit in investing in stocks of great business and saving time from going through all the research, then I have no doublt you’ll get immense value from my insights from The Steady Compounding Insider Stocks.

But if, for any reason, you decide it’s not for you, just let me know within 2 weeks with a quick email to and I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

Eh! You're still here...

You’ve made it this far…

So you’re either like me, compelled to finish what you start reading, or you’re still on the fence about the value of this service. Let’s clear the air.

If you’re chasing quick riches, this isn’t your stop. I cater to those who aim to build a portfolio of exceptional businesses for steady, long-term wealth growth. If that doesn’t click with you, we’re probably not a fit.

The reality:

I’ve been investing for 15 years. It’s been a road with bumps and lessons, and I’m a better investor for it. Like Buffett, I write as if I’m advising my sister—someone who appreciates straightforward insights without the jargon.

The value proposition:

I can’t quantify your time or capital, but if this service saves you even a week of intensive research, it’s already worth more than the cost.

If you decide to join, I’m honored. If not, no hard feelings. My free content is still here for you.

Thanks for sticking around.


How often do you send out your reports?

I will send out my reports twice a month, on the second and fourth Friday of every month. These reports will cover interesting opportunities I see, business breakdowns and my thoughts on current events impacting the financial markets.

I’m quite new to investing, will I understand your research?

Absolutely. Allow me quote renown theoretical physicist, Richard Feynman, “If you can’t explain something in simple terms, you don’t understand it.” I’m confident of delivering insights without hiding behind all the jibber jabber that makes you fall asleep.

I’m busy with work, family and everything else. Is this for me?

Investing demands due diligence, which takes time. This service aims to be the most time-efficient way for you to stay informed without sacrificing depth. It’s designed for busy individuals who still want quality insights.

Do you apply technical analysis in your research?

No, my approach is strictly bottom-up. I focus on the fundamentals of individual businesses rather than market trends or stock charts.

Do you provide financial advice?

No, while I disclose my positions in the stocks I cover, these are not to be taken as financial advice or recommendations. 

How is your research reports different from others?

My service is rooted in a long-term, business-owner mindset. Unlike many services that focus on short-term price movements, I concentrate on high-quality compounders with sustainable growth potential. I aim to provide in-depth yet accessible reports, saving you time without sacrificing depth. I incorporate storytelling to keep the content engaging and educational, ensuring it’s anything but dull. Don’t just take my word for it—check out the testimonials from our existing members.


Are there sample reports I can read?

When Netflix share price suffered a drawdown to under $180 per share in 2022, many gurus were saying how it’s the end of Netflix because of (1) competition (Disney+ and others) and (2) loss of subscribers.

Fast forward to 2023, Netflix has recovered by ~158% to $466. During the depth of the drawdowns when everyone was panicking, I issued three reports on why Wall Street was wrong. 

Here’s two of them and I hope that the insights from these reports can help you see the value of why differentiated thinking and second-level thinking is going to be worth more than the low price you pay for this service:

1) Published 20 Apr 2022: Netflix Down 25.8% After Hours?!

2) Published 12 Aug 2022: Disney Overtook Netflix In The Streaming Wars in 2.5 Years?