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As a Steady Compounding member, you will receive exclusive access to 10 in-depth research reports per year, including the entire archive of reports published. 

These reports will significantly reduce the time and effort required for you to make an informed decision on whether to invest in these companies. 

Content of the reports includes (non-exhaustive):

• Business model breakdown

• Economic moat

• Industry overview

• Competitive landscape

• Risks

• Valuation

With 14 years of investing experience, I’m committed to breakdown only the best companies in the investing universe for my readers.


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What Our Members Say

Eugene Ng Founder & CIO Vision Capital

Thomas’s deep dives indicate the amount of hard work he has done each time to clearly and concisely put together the most relevant information. Often bringing together a unique and logical perspective that drives each investment thesis, making it genuine, straight to the point and easy to read. His genuine and simple writing is what I love most.

Rebacca Goh Compliance Analyst

Thomas’s deep dive reports illustrate the quality of great businesses, not simply about the numbers. He shares his valuable perspective which come from hours of research, experience, and understanding in both US and China markets. He has admirable traits which seep into his articles, and this includes his thoughtfulness, and generosity to share. I would recommend to subscribe!

Arif Othman Tax Manager

I’ve been a member for a while now and have derived a ton of value from it. Especially enjoy the deep dives, Thomas goes into comprehensive detail on the business, future outlook and valuations, which I believe is the way to conduct valuations properly, as compared purely considering the numbers and applying a statistically observed growth rate, or via comparing ratios with other competitors. Love it, and I will not hesitate to recommend!

Chew Bing Hong Equity Analyst

Thomas opened my eyes to the world of compounding since he started Steady Compounding, and I have been hooked ever since. His deep dives are thoughtful, insightful, and relevant while providing useful resources that can be used by anyone. Worth every dollar!

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