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Hi, I’m Thomas Chua

I write, host a podcast, and run a stock research service focusing on Compounders.

Each week, I write a popular newsletter called 3-Bullet Sunday. Each newsletter contains three timeless concepts I have encountered that week on investing, personal development, and business.

I am on a mission to help others get started on their compounding process. All things worthwhile—wealth, relationships, or knowledge, come from compounding.

Readers have found these articles on investing the most helpful: Figuring Out a Company’s Intrinsic Value, Analyzing SaaS Companies, and Finding the Next Multibagger.

And if you want to read about the frameworks and mental models I apply to life, I recommend: Why I Left My Iron Rice Bowl, Advice to My 20-Year-Old Self, and How Much Allowance I Give My Mum.

If you want to see all my writing on a single page, you’ll find all my articles here.

My focus is to undercover high-quality growth companies for my members, companies that can compound shareholder value for years or even decades. I want to invest in businesses that are becoming better as they grow bigger. I also care deeply about corporate culture and want to partner with great management teams with strong and aligned cultures for the long haul.

Members can expect 8 to 14 research reports a year where I will uncover the business model, management, growth prospects, financials and my thoughts on the fair price to pay for the business.

My research should be treated as case studies, not stock pitches nor investment advice. The principles outlined in my research can serve as a scaffolding upon which you build your own investment thesis for companies you’re interested in.

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Beyond the world of writing, I speak on platforms such as Seedly, MoneyFM 89.3, The Financial Coconut, and more, on all things investing. You can find my media engagement on this page. Meanwhile, you can also find me on my Youtube channel where I talk about investing, habits, and career hacks.

You can also find me on Twitter, Linkedin, or Instagram. If you want to email me, send a note to contact@steadycompounding.com.


Thomas Chua

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