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Eugene Ng

Founder & CIO Vision Capital

Thomas’s deep dives indicate the amount of hard work he has done each time to clearly and concisely put together the most relevant information. Often bringing together a unique and logical perspective that drives each investment thesis, making it genuine, straight to the point and easy to read. His genuine and simple writing is what I love most.

Dillon Jacobs

Owner of Vintage Value Investing

Since I’m based in the US, Thomas’ content gives me a window into the Asia Pacific markets I wouldn’t otherwise have. His coverage into US companies also provide unique insights that are eye-opening. Every piece is anchored by Thomas’ authentic voice which makes the deep dives very digestible. I’m glad I found him — his work has enhanced my knowledge of the world around me.

Kelvin Seetoh

Founder & CIO 10x Capital

Thomas provides quality content with a unique perspective. This is different from most business analysts, who provide the same information without original insights. His research reports offer insights into a company's business model, strategy, competitive advantages, quality of management and more. If you want to save time on research work and gain valuable insights of companies, Steady Compounding offers you just that, all at a fair price.






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Reggie Koh

Chief Financial Coconut @ The Financial Coconut

Thomas is one of most detailed analyst that you can actually understand! In an information market with one end filled with fluff by interenet gurus and the other by institutional analyst that speak alien only they understand, Thomas sits amongst a unique slither of independent analyst that you will find valuable to you. I have interviewed dozens of people in the space, it is not always about the most refreshing and highly acclaimed personalities, sometimes all you need is someone that has depth, you can trust and understand. I endorse Thomas chua!

Sudhan P

Investor and Educator

Thomas’ in-depth research reports give investors insights into high-quality compounders. We ball have 24 hours a day but with Thomas’ in-depth research reports, we can “gain” more hours in a day and spend it on activities we value most. My interactions with Thomas show me that he is a genuine person who enjoys sharing his knowledge freely with others. That's a trait I admire in him. A subscriber would benefit from this since they know they are paying for a quality product.

Titus Chng

Financial Consultant

I signed up for Steady Compounding membership because I wanted to add on to my investment knowledge. The idea of a monthly research report was simple and fuss-free. It fits into my hectic schedule perfectly. I could also feel your passion and authenticity in your work. I would go for quality over quantity any day. It takes time to deep dive into a company, so I respect the work you do. Finally, what stood out for me was your writing. It’s engaging and you made it as plain as you possibly could.

Jeraldine Phneah

Blogger and Commercial Account Executive

Subscribing to Steady Compounding's research report has been one of the best investments I've made this year. Time and attention are the most valuable currencies, and this research report offers great insights into businesses. Steady Compounding research report is always my first choice if I am looking for high signal, low noise investment research.

Tapan Desai

Founder of Cold Brew Money

Absolutely love the stock research reports from Thomas! His deep dives on Alibaba and Sea Limited are some of my favourites. I keep coming back to them as a benchmark for how my own research should be done. Thomas breaks down the business and the sector and explains the business value backed with charts and figures. I would highly recommend his stock reports!

Chew Bing Hong

Equity Analyst

Thomas opened my eyes to the world of compounding since he started Steady Compounding, and I have been hooked ever since. His deep dives are thoughtful, insightful, and relevant while providing useful resources that can be used by anyone. Worth every dollar!I’m glad I found him — his work has enhanced my knowledge of the world around me.

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