Amazon and the Problem with Reported Earnings

Where the key value driver of a company is in intangible investments, investors need to look beyond reported earnings. Especially for innovative companies in their early stage as they invest heavily in growth. Compressing their earnings and balance sheet assets.
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Analyzing the Gross Profit Margin

Reading the financial statements may be daunting for beiginners. This post will bring you through revenue, cost of goods and gross profit with case studies such as Costco, L Brands, Ulta and Ferrari!
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What Makes Mastercard a Compounding Machine?

Investors who held Mastercard for the past 10 years, have been rewarded handsomely with a 27.4% returns compounded annually. A $10,000 investment would have returned approximately $113,000 over this period. In this article, we will discuss why Mastercard’s wide moat…
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My Key Takeaway from Berkshire’s AGM 2020

Warren Buffett started the Annual General Meeting (AGM) with a seemingly bullish stance, diving into America’s history and how it always emerged stronger. Despite painting a rosy image, it is important to observe his actions. Key decisions such as the…
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Facebook’s Q1’20 Earnings Update

Increased engagement due to shelter-in-place measures but some of this increased engagement will be lost once measures are relaxed in the future. Engagement increased by ~10% YOY across all measurements, compared to ~7% in the previous period. Demonstrating that Facebook’s…
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Has the Market Bottomed Out?

It is important to understand that the intrinsic value of a business is the present value of all the cash generated over its lifetime. And most would agree that COVID-19 would be a temporary event. It would be silly to…
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