The Quest for the Right Tail

The biggest returns earned over a long period would come from compounders—that is, companies who are monopolistic or oligopolistic and are able to grow their earnings power by 20% to 30% with a long runway. Find these companies and hold…
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The Third Great Era of Software

Building software has become a lot easier with the software supply chain maturing. Companies are now able to take off-the-shelf building blocks and focus all their resources on developing their unique areas of differentiation.
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How Warren Buffett Uses Options

Oh yes, Buffett is a big user of these bad boys. This year I’m making it a priority to pick up options as a tool to complement long-term investing—how to enhance my returns and generate income. For anything investing, I…
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Dollar General Business Breakdown

Dollar General is a well-managed company whose business model has shown to be resilient against economic downturns and the threat of e-commerce. In this COVID-19 environment, the company has delivered crushing results. With SSS up 12.2% and gross profit up…
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