Timeless investment principles, case studies, and more!

Crowdstrike Deep Dive

Crowdstrike has been an absolute beast of a company, and they execute well on all metrics: revenue growth, improving operating margins, free cash flow, a …
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The Forever Portfolio

While many people speak of long-term investing, few understand that it is more than just the duration of your holding period, it is the quest …
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Budgeting, insurance, financial independence, and more!

What Is Your Rich Life?

I spent a huge part of my teens studying how to turn my financial situation around and it could be summarized into: get a decent …
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Personal development, mental models, mindfulness, and more!

The Advice I Didn’t Need

You become what you feed your mind. Regardless of how smart, savvy or inspired you are, if you don’t guard the door of your mind, …
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