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The Quest for the Right Tail

The biggest returns earned over a long period would come from compounders—that is, companies who are monopolistic or oligopolistic and are able to grow their…
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The Third Great Era of Software

Building software has become a lot easier with the software supply chain maturing. Companies are now able to take off-the-shelf building blocks and focus all…
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The Advice I Didn’t Need

You become what you feed your mind. Regardless of how smart, savvy or inspired you are, if you don’t guard the door of your mind,…
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The Problem with Perfectionism

The quest for perfectionism is a defense mechanism that prevents us from doing anything. It is the worst procrastination tool around. Start the process by…
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Advice to My 20-Year-Old Self

In my early 20s, I remember asking older folks a bunch of questions. Trying to pick up some guiding principles for decision-making. Choosing the ‘right’…
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How to Ask Better Questions

Successful people are not more talented than you and I. What makes them successful are often uncommon habits and asking bigger questions. The more ridiculous…
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