Building Your Second Brain

In this article, I will share with you the tools and systems I use to build my second brain—a place I go to when I need to draw on ideas and retrieve information.
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The Advice I Didn’t Need

You become what you feed your mind. Regardless of how smart, savvy or inspired you are, if you don’t guard the door of your mind, you are giving the tacit approval of the disempowering, uninspiring, and cynical.
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The Problem with Perfectionism

The quest for perfectionism is a defense mechanism that prevents us from doing anything. It is the worst procrastination tool around. Start the process by not judging yourself.
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Advice to My 20-Year-Old Self

In my early 20s, I remember asking older folks a bunch of questions. Trying to pick up some guiding principles for decision-making. Choosing the ‘right’ university, career and on how to manage money. Fast forward a decade later, these are advice …
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How to Ask Better Questions

Successful people are not more talented than you and I. What makes them successful are often uncommon habits and asking bigger questions. The more ridiculous the question, the more profound the answers. If we want to learn from the best …
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Winning the Ovarian Lottery

While some of us were less ‘lucky’ than others in the ovarian lottery, all of us have the opportunity to create our own luck. Because luck simply comes down to a series of choices. As the saying goes “chance favors …
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