Timeless investment principles, case studies, and more!

A Primer On Valuation

I am often asked how to value a company. In this post, I went back to basics and explained it in first principles.
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Dealing With Market Drawdowns

 A good friend asked me what were the lessons I learned from this volatile period, and just to be clear, by volatile I mean drawdown. …
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Budgeting, insurance, financial independence, and more!

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Personal development, mental models, mindfulness, and more!

Winning the Ovarian Lottery

While some of us were less ‘lucky’ than others in the ovarian lottery, all of us have the opportunity to create our own luck. Because …
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The S-Curve of Life

Every process, be it a business, a country, or your life, is like an S-curve lying on its side. We first start out by putting more …
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