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Why Did Bill Ackman Buy into Hilton?

Hilton first got my attention earlier this year when Ackman doubled down. This was after his incredible timing (both with buying and selling) with his hedge, profiting over $2b (on a $27m premium) during the sharp drawdown in March. Because of its cyclical nature, a traditional hotel company's earnings are extremely lumpy. This begs the question—Why would Ackman be interested in Hilton?

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How Growth, Return on Capital, and Discount Rate Affect Valuation

Nobody will know where interest rates are headed, but it is important to appreciate the relationship between the discount rate and long-duration assets. In other words, we should be mindful that an increase in interest rates will bring down the valuation of companies that are investing heavily today for higher future cash flows tomorrow. It is also important to bear in mind that for most ...

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Winning the Ovarian Lottery

While some of us were less 'lucky' than others in the ovarian lottery, all of us have the opportunity to create our own luck. Because luck simply comes down to a series of choices. As the saying goes "chance favors the prepared mind." Start inviting lady luck by learning about money, changing your environment and calibrating your mindset.

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