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Lessons from The Psychology of Money

The Psychology of Money is one of the most highly anticipated books for finance enthusiasts in 2020. Morgan Housel has a knack for writing beautifully and a flair for capturing abstract concepts onto paper. This is not at all common for writings on the topic of finance. Reading this book made me reflect a lot and helped fine-tune my thinking. It also made me think ...

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Winning the Ovarian Lottery

While some of us were less 'lucky' than others in the ovarian lottery, all of us have the opportunity to create our own luck. Because luck simply comes down to a series of choices. As the saying goes "chance favors the prepared mind." Start inviting lady luck by learning about money, changing your environment and calibrating your mindset.

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Setting up Your Financial Framework for Success in Your 20s

If you wish to become financially independent, being in your twenties is arguably the most important decade in your life as you have a long runway ahead of you. It is also at this stage where we are prone to making the wrong financial decisions as we are not trained financially. For many, receiving their first paycheck often means that their spending will increase accordingly. ...

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