Top Personal Finance Books

I Will Teach You to Be Rich is my all-time favorite personal finance book. Straight to the point and easy to execute. Most importantly, it is effective in helping you achieve financial independence.

Rich Dad Poor Dad was my first personal finance book that I read at 15 years old. It was the book that made me pursue finance and start investing. While there isn’t much depth to the book, it offers a great why to start saving & investing book. I would recommend all teenagers to start off with this.

The Automatic Millionaire is a good personal finance book, especially for recent graduates. We are faced with a ton of decisions every day. By automating our finances, we prevent ourselves from decision fatigue or spending out of budget.

Dollars and Sense is a must-read for everyone. World-renowned economist Dan Ariely answers these intriguing questions and many more as he explains how our irrational behavior often interferes with our best intentions when it comes to managing our finances.

Money Wisdom: Simple Truths For Financial Wellness by Christopher Tan from Providend is a great book for anyone trying to sort out their insurance needs in Singapore’s context. No B.S. Highly recommended for everyone to read before signing any insurance contract.

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