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The Mighty Google Search Engine

Click here to read the latest research report on Alphabet if you haven't already. To understand why it is so difficult to compete with Google, let's look at how the search engine has evolved over the years. The Love Hate Relationship With Marketers Yes, Google constantly has to compete with markets who are trying to figure out ways to fend off markets who are trying ...

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What’s going on at DocuSign?

DocuSign is not a company I have covered in my research reports nor do I hold an investment in it, but I have received a lot of questions about the recent departure of CEO Dan Springer. The announcement comes less than two weeks after he discussed DocuSign's strategy for reinvigorating growth in the company during its latest quarterly conference call. But before we go on ...

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Alphabet Research Report

Alphabet is the parent company of Google and they make money primarily through three ways: (1) Advertising revenue accounts for the lion share of their revenue. This comes from the Google Search, Youtube and Google Network partners’ properties (“Google Network properties”). (2) Non-advertising revenue such as Google Play, hardware, and YouTube non-advertising. (3) Google Cloud. Let’s dive into the mechanics of each segment. Advertising Revenue ...

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Thoughts on Twilio’s Q1 2022 results

Some quick hits on Twilio’s Q2 2022 earnings: Strong revenue growth despite coming off a strong Q2 2021. Revenue came in at $875.4m, up 48% year-on-year (YoY), including $32.2 million from Zipwhip. Organic revenue  grew 35% YoY. The loss from operations increased by 10.4% YoY, from $197.3m to $217.8m.  Loss per share came in at $1.23 on 180.9m shares, from $1.24 on 167.2m shares. Active ...

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Twilio is Back at Pre-COVID valuations?

Our very first company covered is Twilio, led by the visionary founder CEO Jeff Lawson. When the report was released, the company was great but the valuations were pricey. Today, the valuations have come down to pre-COVID levels of around 11.9x P/S but the company has become stronger than before. Management has guided for 30%+ revenue growth over the next three years and I am ...

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