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Why I Own Disney Shares

The happiest place on earth. It is near impossible to replicate Disney’s share of mind even if you have all the money in the world. The Disney name is well-known to billions of people. It has a meaning, an emotion perhaps, attached to it globally. It is hard to find another brand that is unanimously known as the happiest place on earth. With Disney+, it ...

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Domino’s Pizza: How to Better Understand Restaurant Franchises

For anyone looking to start learning how to invest, I would always recommend starting with products or services you use. Being a foodie myself, F&B naturally falls within my circle of competence! Before we even dive into today's main topic, when selecting F&B companies as investment, always choose companies with products that could become part of their customer's routine. Even better if it's a little ...

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Why I Initiated a Position in Fastly

Initiated a stake in Fastly this week to make myself follow through on deep diving into this company. They reported a strong set of Q2 results, with revenue rising 61.7% y-o-y. It was also the first time their EPS became positive, at $0.02 per share. Yet its share price took a hit and declined 33%. Largely due to Donald Trump threatening to ban Tik Tok, ...

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