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Dollar General Business Breakdown

Dollar General is a well-managed company whose business model has shown to be resilient against economic downturns and the threat of e-commerce. In this COVID-19 environment, the company has delivered crushing results. With SSS up 12.2% and gross profit up 24.4%. This is likely due to a combination of hoarding, less traveling due to safety measures and thus we see a significant uptick in items ...

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Domino’s Pizza: How to Better Understand Restaurant Franchises

For anyone looking to start learning how to invest, I would always recommend starting with products or services you use. Being a foodie myself, F&B naturally falls within my circle of competence! Before we even dive into today's main topic, when selecting F&B companies as investment, always choose companies with products that could become part of their customer's routine. Even better if it's a little ...

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Facebook’s Incredible Business Model – Part I

Facebook probably has one of the best business models in the world. Even before it went public, the company grew its revenue by 57% and had 36% operating margins. Its business model is similar to a traditional media company, with advertising revenue as the key driver. Facebook has the largest readership base in the world (2.5 billion people) and to top it off, the readers ...

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