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My Notes From Charlie Munger’s Daily Journal Meeting

At 98, Munger is as sharp as ever. His recent 2-hours sharing at Daily Journal was 🔥 Talked about Alibaba, Costco, Activision Blizzard, crypto, interest rates, envy, antitrust, the great resignation, growth vs value investing and more. Here are my notes: 1. Munger's Investment in Alibaba Let's get the white elephant out of the room and talk: Alibaba Why invest in China? And why Alibaba? ...

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Has The Investment Thesis for Alibaba Turned Sour?

This quarter is important because it is the first quarter where they feel the full impact of the new regulations. And I’m looking for signs as to whether the regulations have permanently impaired Alibaba’s economic engine as Mr. Market has priced it to be.  Financials Let’s dive into the numbers: Excluding their recent Sun Art acquisition, revenue only grew 16% y-o-y.The number of annual active ...

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Top 3 Things About The Latest China Regulations

1. All Platforms Must Open Up! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced that in the next 6 months, they were looking to rectify the following problems in the market (in Chinese): Disturbing market order: malicious blocking of weblinks and interference with the operation of other enterprises' products or services, including restricting normal access to other web links without justifiable reasons, implementing discriminatory ...

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